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Buying a resort can be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of your life. Ownership is to be enjoyed, fixing costs now, locking out inflation, and securing a high-quality vacation lifestyle forever. Of course, Coastal Marketing Group will be here to help you should you wish to sell sometime in the future. High demand properties will bring the greatest return. Buying on the secondary market gives you all the benefits of buying directly from the developer, without all of the cost. Please feel free to browse through our listings. If you see anything that interests you please let us know.


If you are interested in getting all the benefits from owning without the cost of buying, remember you can always rent. In many cases you can rent for a fraction of the cost of a hotel with all the benefits and amenities the resorts offer.


Why Rent a Resort?

You may have asked yourself, why would I rent a resort week instead of just contacting a hotel? Resorts offer condo-style accommodations perfect for traveling with friends and family. You can often rent much larger units for a fraction of the standard hotel pricing as you are taking advantage of someone else’s discount travel accommodations. On Coastal Marketing Network resort rentals and resales are available directly by owner, giving you the best deals on vacation resorts without ever going through a sales tour or paying resort prices.

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